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About us

At eo nation we're all about empowering people to live cleaner, healthier lives through the use of essential oils.  We believe in using natural products whenever possible and that making your own cleaning and personal care products is fun, rewarding and one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family.  We have recognized that living the Essential Life is becoming a culture and we're exited to deliver quality products that embody just that. 

How we came to be...

Hello, my name is Jennifer Jober, owner of eo nation.  Towards the end of 2015 I was fairly new to essential oils and doing my best to rid my house of conventional cleaners and toxins to replace them with natural alternatives.  On my quest to create a safe haven for my two young children I found that I was ordering my supplies from U.S. companies and paying huge amounts in shipping and handling fees.  As time went on, my desire to provide solutions to other Canadian families facing the same challenges grew and eventually I felt deep inside that I not only wanted to, but was supposed to create eo nation.  I looked back at my career and realized that I actually had the experience and expertise to make it happen.  It was that moment in December of 2015 that I made the commitment to myself  that I would build this store.  

As the owner of eo nation I can tell you that we have a huge appreciation for each and every customer that orders from our store.  Our customers are the reason we're here and growing and we would like to reassure you that no matter what, we have your back.  From product requests to shipping requests we do our best to accommodate and help in any way we can. 

We currently offer a growing variety of products that can be used to help you make the most of your oils.  From roll on bottles and glass spray bottles to beeswax and butters, we have you covered. We have so many new products coming in 2018, please keep in touch and check back regularly or subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date. 

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